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Ready to Build Your Dream Home?

We are full-service contractors dedicated to bringing your custom dream home to life. We take care of everything from the first concept, to the initial designs, and the final build.

You’ll work directly with our owner, who will oversee the entire project from start to finish, from planning to on-site supervision. You’ll get timely answers and status updates because there is no middleman between you and the contractor.

Our goal is to make a solid, energy-efficient home that you can afford to live in. We do this by upholding high building standards to ensure your dream home will last for years.

Take a look at our previous homes and our coverage area below, and let’s get started on bringing your dream to life!

Areas We Serve

Please make sure we are available in the area you plan to build.

We serve the following counties in Tennessee:

  • Carter
  • Greene
  • Sullivan
  • Unicoi
  • Washington

How to Get Started


1. Talk to a mortgage lender and get a pre-approval.

You’ll need to know how much is available before you begin. Once you know your price range, you can begin looking for your dream home that fits your budget.

2. Find property to build on if you don’t already own land.

One of the most important factors in costs and design is location. Understand the cost involved in owning the land you find. Let us do a quick site evaluation before you make your purchase.

3. Create a floor plan.

If you have a floor plan in mind, let us know! We can also help you draw one up. If you need some inspiration, check out third-party resources such as eplans, architectural designs, the house designers, Pinterest, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many variables that determine the overall cost. Most builders will give you a price based on square footage and their estimations (estimations they made without your input on options and finishes). It will be a low price – one that you want to hear – but when the work is finished, you’ll find that estimation wasn’t nearly enough. SURPRISE! You’ll need 10-15% or more as the other builder explains “it was an estimation, not a final price.”

We are different – and we cannot stress that enough – because we sit down with you in the beginning and help you make all those design decisions—-cabinetry, flooring, lighting and plumbing fixtures, everything— and we plan ahead.  In doing so, we are giving you the actual final price before we build. Period. NO SURPRISES!!

Yes. We give you complete design flexibility and customization. Bring us your own plan,
whether it is an architecturally drawn set of plans or just your ideas sketched out on paper. We
work with a couple of local draftsmen that will help you bring your vision to life.

That is the great thing about building a custom home.  You can make as many changes along the way as you’d like.  Want to move a wall, add a third bay to the garage, increase square footage?  Sure, we can do that. Changes can result in additional cost or might result in a reduction in cost but those cost changes will be discussed and agreed upon beforehand.

Absolutely.  In fact, that is one of the most important items on the check list.  You may have found a plan that you love but what if it doesn’t work on your property.  Property boundaries might limit the length and/or width of the structure so we need to make sure that the plan that you are considering will fit within those boundaries.  It’s better to know that before you purchase a piece of property or order a set of plans that just won’t work.

No.  Most of our customers initially send us a plan that they are considering and we can run some quick numbers for a general cost estimation based on square footage and other criteria. But to get a detailed, line item estimate, we will need to meet with you to discuss in detail your plans and specifications.  Please bear in mind that compiling a detailed estimate is a time-consuming process for us, involving obtaining quotes from our vendors and subcontractors so we cannot do this for multiple plans.  This process will be started once you have made your final decision on the plan you want to build.

We recommend, before you begin looking at plans or properties, that you visit your preferred financial institution and speak with a mortgage lender.  They will be able to provide you with a “pre-approval” based on your application and credit.  This process will tell you the most you’ll be able to invest into your project.  Once you know that, we can point you in the direction of what type and size of homes to be looking for.

We don’t provide financing but we can refer you to some excellent financial institutions that can help you through that part of the process.

We will handle as much or as little as you need us to.  We do everything from the ground up to the point that you move in so you don’t have to worry about finding your own subcontractors, which can be quite a task.  But if you can do some of the process yourself or have subcontractors that you prefer to use, that’s ok too!

Absolutely! We work with a couple of local draftsmen that can discuss your vision for your plan then put that vision on paper. We also encourage you to spend some time making decisions on the finishes you want in your home and we can refer you to some of our preferred vendors that can help you with those decisions as well.


We presently only build custom homes and do not work on additions.

No, we only build custom homes at this time.

How often do you find exactly what you want in an existing home?  The houses on the market were built for someone else with their own tastes and specifications.  Are you willing to sacrifice the things you really wanted? Typically, some degree of renovation, be it aesthetic or structural, will be necessary which will result in unexpected expense; that will eat away at what you thought you would save from purchasing a house.  You can always count on inheriting an unknown set of issues with an existing home and you never learn what those are until after you’ve made the purchase. When you build with us, you get exactly what you wanted, a new home you’ll truly love.

We don’t currently have a retail center with model homes.  However, we invite you to visit any homes that we are currently building.  The great thing about visiting a site under construction is that you get to see the bones of the structure….what is actually behind that pretty finish.  You can also talk to our customers and see how their experience with us has been.

Calculating the actual time the entire process will take isn’t an exact science.  Most people are concerned with the actual build time….once ground is broken and the actual build process begins.  Weather is a factor, especially in the early stages, but generally 9-12 months is a good estimation, depending on the size of the build.

Great! Give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer those for you.  Better yet, let’s schedule a time for a sit down meeting and get started!

Bring Your Dream Home to Life

Let’s schedule some time to sit down and discuss your plans together, no matter where you are in the process. We look forward to bringing your dream to life.