Customer Testimonials

“Thank you so much for our beautiful home.  We are so pleased with how everything turned out.  You all made this process so easy and enjoyable.  We cannot thank you enough for all the hard work and the “going above and beyond” that Southern Dream Home Builders has done for us.  Our first home could not be any more perfect! Thank you again and we look forward to working with you in the future.”
~ Karen and Jessie G., Jonesborough, TN

“Thank you all for my Southern Dream home… We love it and Tyrone is a wonderful builder…would not want anyone else building a new home for me.”
~ Wayne W., Morristown, TN

“The house I envisioned owning for years has now been built for me in East Tennessee by Southern Dream Home Builders. Dahn and Tyrone Stucker, Dahn’s father, Lawrence Cutshaw, and their crew of talented subcontractors were at all times extremely competent, courteous, and reliable. Their workmanship mirrors perfection.Tyrone and Dahn were always attentive to each and every detail, promptly addressing all of my concerns and answering questions beyond my satisfaction. My family and I treasure them for the good people that they are and for their integrity and dedication to the job. Southern Dream Home Builders is a quality company and has earned our utmost respect.”
~ Susan C., Greenback, TN

“Southern Dream Home Builders has impressed and satisfied me in every regard in the whole process of building my home. I am well pleased with the interest Tyrone and Dahn took in helping me with the whole process.

The quality of my home shows in multiple ways—beautiful outside appearance, very reasonable heating and cooling bills, very tight fitting doors and windows, structurally strong and well put together!

Tyrone Stucker went above and beyond what he was required to do to assure my satisfaction with everything, even paid out of his budget for extra block that was required and an extra window that was needed. And every crew that worked on the project was knowledgeable, professional and nice!

I had been looking for a builder for 2 1⁄2 to 3 years before I found Southern Dream Home Builders and Tyrone and Dahn were the only one’s I felt comfortable in turning over most of my life’s savings to build my dream home. I highly recommend this builder to anyone considering building a home!”
~ Jeffrey C., Del Rio, TN

“Thanks to Tyrone and Southern Dream Home Builders, we actually did get our “dream home”. We absolutely could not be any more pleased with this house.”
~ Stan and Lillian M., Unicoi, TN

“My wife and I had been attempting to build a house for 10 years….before we came across Southern Dream Home Builders, owned and operated by Tyrone and Dahn Stucker. After one meeting with them we knew that’s who was going to build our house. There were no questions asked. We showed them what we wanted and without hesitation they wanted to know when they could start. The manner in which they conduct business is superior to anyone we have ever dealt with. It is a family owned and operated business that actually makes you feel like family and treats you the same way. They always went out of their way to accommodate us even after the house was set and the contract was fulfilled. If you are looking for a superior quality home and people you can trust, I recommend Southern Dream Home Builders. Thanks to Tyrone, Dahn, and the entire Southern Dream Home Crew!!!”
~ Billy & April C., Dungannon, VA

“We had a great experience with Southern Dream Home Builders. We were moving from North Carolina to Tennessee and we needed something in a timely manner, as well as a good quality home. We were able to customize the home and work with Tyrone on the “extras” we wanted. Due to the efficiency and organization of the builder, we were satisfied from beginning to end. We would definitely recommend Southern Dream Home Builders.”
~ Harvey and Juanita N., Dandridge, TN

“Thank you Southern Dream Home Builders. We have been in our new home about seven months. We are truly enjoying it more and more every day. We did a lot of searching to find the right builder for us… Tyrone Stucker of Southern Dream Home Builders contacted us and we visited one of the homes they had under construction. He showed us great interest and patience as we worked together to custom design our home. We were highly pleased with the honesty and dedication we received during the building and construction of our home. We would highly recommend Tyrone Stucker and Southern Dream Home Builders. Our dream did come true!”
~ Dean and Janice T.,
 Mountain City, TN

“If you are in the market for a beautiful and well built home, then call Southern Dream Home Builders. My husband and I are completely satisfied with our home. We also liked the builders that put our home together–especially Tyrone and Lawrence. They went out of their way to make sure we were completely satisfied. We highly recommend Southern Dream Home Builders.”
~ Leroy and Bobbie H., Abingdon, VA