Start Building With Southern Dream Home Builders

How to Get Started Building Your Dream Home with Southern Dream Home Builders

Cape & Bonus Ranch
Are you wondering where do you begin? No need to stress,  we can guide you through the entire process. Here are some basic things you can do to get started. We can help you with all these steps, but many visitors want to do their own homework first.

Here are the steps we recommend to getting started:

  1. Talk to a mortgage lender and get a pre-approval.
    – You’ll need to know how much is available to you before you begin. Once you know your price range, you can begin looking for your dream home that fits your budget.
  2. Find property to build on, if you don’t already own land.
    – One of the most important factor in costs and design is location. Understand the cost involved in owning the land you find. Let us do a quick site evaluation before you make your purchase.
  3. Search for a floor plan.
    When you have an idea of the size and layout of your home, search for a home using our floor plan search tool to find a home that might fit your budget. Use our building cost calculator for a ballpark figure. Save Any floor plan that interests you. You can save or share any plans you find on our site via Facebook, pin it to a board on Pinterest or use your browsers bookmark tools.
    NOTE:  We can build from almost any floor plan, so you are not limited to our search tools. If you already have a floor plan in mind or if you found a floor plan from another source, just tell us about it.

Get to know Southern Dream Home Builders.

It is our goal to keep customers completely involved from start to finished, so we’ll be happy to schedule some time to sit down and discuss your plans further. Give us a call or email us from our contact page.